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grapkic t-shirt designs for women. 

Let the Style affairs begin


Who we are

We, at Leslie Jean Designs, are an ever-ready team of passionate designers dedicated to bringing your best clothing designs and ideas to life. 

We create awesome easy-to-wear clothing and accessories sporting the most beautiful designs, keeping you comfy and striking, every time.



Cute lovely graphic tees 



Basketball Lover



Are you in fitness freaks' league ? ? ?



we adore Pickleball 

We’re Passionate. We’re Fun. We Adore Pickleball! We reel out fun pickleball shirts designed for those who love pickleball as much as we do. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you’re looking for. 

We’ve got a pickleball idea that will work perfectly for you, anytime!


Pullover Hoodie

Light-weight  Hoodie


See you in the kitchen

Lightweight Sweatshirt

Funny pickleball tee shirts for women and men 

Cotton Tote Bag

We provide you with captivating pieces unique to your tastes.


Stunning Accessories 

We provide you with captivating pieces unique to your tastes. All our items are inspired masterpieces meant to give you the shine you deserve. Our designs are chic, screaming quality while keeping you where you want to be.  

Think out of the box

ovely unique high fashion bright colored elegant and comfortable sneakers. 

Kick Mondays into high gear

Distinguished classic bright colored neck tie 

Comfy Breathable Leggings

Pink and blue floral pattern pickleball leggings for women 

Cool sneakers for everyone

omfortable stylish fashion sneakers 

Select T-shirt of your choice

Best sellimg classic cute cartoons graphic t shirts 
Doodle rabbit cool Tee shirt with graphic design

Be unique, checkout our streetsyle off-duty looks 

Women's streetsyle fashion online shop

Challenge your limits in style 

Yoga pants outfit - online shop

Citrus - yoga inspired capri

Yoga pants outfit - online shop

Get started in style - in Matrix  

best yoga pants for women